Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Funniest

Sometime I think, as Christians, we shoot ourselves in the feet (maybe foot? Where are you Grammar Girl???) by being so offend-able and difficult and just plain not-funny.  Well, not Douglas Wilson.  This guy is the new Chesterton.  I just like him so much.  Besides battling earnestly, yet joyfully with the late Christopher Hitchens, he takes the time to co-create super funny videos like the one below.  

It will make you think twice about the gift of thumbs.

New home

We drove this very sweet little guy out to the Constance Creek Wildlife Refuge yesterday, near carp.  Super cool place.  We found him hanging from the eaves looking pretty weak and very lethargic.  We dropper fed him some water.  It was adorable.  

Cole wanted to keep him.
Jason wanted to keep him and train him to sit on his shoulder and eat mosquitoes while he chopped wood.

This is little "Batty"drinking formula for a sponge. 

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Resting Babies

Esther was a sweet and joyful little mommy today and helped me tidy a good friend's house in preparation for a wedding.  She also did a lot of baby holding and some flower arranging.  
I thank God for this little girl.  She is a sturdy and loving little girl.

"May your daughters be as palace corner stones." Psalm 144.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Alexis the Doula

My sister just finished her formal DONA training and is now a legit labour support doula.  She recently delivered this little bundle.  Praise God. Alexis has done home births, birthing centre deliveries, cesarean-section support deliveries and hospital births.  She is quite the super hero.

I can't think of anyone more calm, gentle and loving than this little sister of mine.  

Bring on the babies!!!  Alexis the Doula

Herpetology 101

Jefferson Black Salamander

Red-Spotted Newt in it's land-based phase as a Red Eft

Essy's little newt, named Sir Isaac Newton

Cute Frog