Friday, December 13, 2013

more science

On Saturday Cole, dad and I did some science, as usual.   Last Saturday the lesson was on: as temperature rises so does volume of stuff, but the stuff is less dense.  We also made a thermometer/ barometer out of a graduated cylinder with a sealed cap, a straw that goes through the cap, and an oiled piece of cotton inserted in the straw.
How it works:
The hot air inside the barometer has more volume so it pushes the cotton ball up, but when the air is cold  it has less volume causing it to sink.    

our thermometer 

Other uses for Cuisenaire rods... houses

Cole's rod house.  Can this count as math?

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Yellow Stripe

 It's a big day today, my brother, Cole, got his new belt.  
Here's some pictures mom took before we went to judo.

two champs 

the judo fam

don't worry just practising 

take that Gabe!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

And now...

We've been homeschooling for two years now.... also, 6 more days to go.  On the anniversary, we get to go to chapters and pick out a book.  sweet... do NHL magazines count as books?

Two Years of Homeschooling

Our first week

does this count as gym?

this must count?

we have to do chin-ups every morning

it's hard

trips to the war museum are a monthly part of our schedule

pumpkin torturer

sugar crystallization with dad - Saturday Science rocks...

Cole what does that say?
Essy! I'm not at that part yet!

Noli did you know that one plus two is five I learned that from  Cole
um Essy I don't think one plus two is five

alien invasion on Paris

ww II aircraft module  

yes that is a snake