Friday, September 23, 2016

clipping wings.... another mom post

The chickens were wandering all over God's creation, so we had been keeping them in the run.
BUT THEN: they can fly.  So that was only a six minute solution.

SO - Youtube suggested wing clipping, which I thought was something you said to your wayward kids, as in, "If you don't stop running around with that (enter name) I am going to clip your wings."

My two sons, whom I think are the best young men around, rounded them up and trimmed their primary flight feathers....and if you've ever tried to round up ornery chickens, you'll know it's no small feat.

Thank you Dr. J. Wile for your "Exploring Creation with Flying Creatures" series.  It really helped us distinguish primary from secondary flight feathers.

I truly feel that "I will not be ashamed at the Gate" with these young men in my life.  
Psalm 127:5

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Seterra Online

This is Gabe's latest Seterra accomplishment!  Where is Angola?  Mauritius?  No idea?  Ask Gabe.  

Don't ask Mom, she has no idea.

I love online Geography.  

Summer September

.....slowly chipping away at the year's reading list in the September sun.

Beckwith Dojo

Essy had her first practice with the Beckwtih Dojo yesterday.  Sensei Jacques and Sensei Raven were very kind and encouraging and we are so greatful for this club.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Well - Loved - mompost

Early morning tea.  Jason sent me to the spa.  The kids took me to A&W for dinner and actually paid.  Awesome new Hipster Art.  Lone Star on Friday!!  38 is looking pretty good.