I do not usually miss the city.  I never miss public transport.  Ever.  Most days I am very relived to be where we are, as a family.  But there are times when I do.  Gabe is doing a summer entrepreneur mentorship program downtown and it means I have 3 hours to kill in Hintonburg once a week.   It is every 15 year old’s dream.  The office he is working at has a full time barista on staff.  For real.  Every one looks like they are at a Steve Jobs dress up party.

This week, as I was hanging out with my favourite friend, Esther Alexis-Jane Braden, I missed the busyness and the coffee and the clothes and the cool-ness.  I can not imagine moving back and raising kids in the city at this point, but it was nice to remember the vibrancy and life that comes with being in fast-moving, hungry, impatient culture.