Invictus and Matthew 11

Middle rank, Left. My father will be 97 in a few days. He told me a story yesterday, while I was cutting his white, still curly and unruly hair, about making it somehow from Toronto to Pembroke. First on a train and then walking a bit; he couldn't remember. He was 7. Or maybe 8 or 9. He had gone there to meet an army recruiter he thought lived there. He was going to join the army. Arriving and not knowing the name of this soldier, he found a bike and rode back to Toronto. He had nothing to eat. I asked how he knew how to get home and he said he followed the signs to Toronto. He slept in a gully. When he got home, someone had snitched to the cops that he'd stolen the bike and so he had a rough handling by an un-empathetic officer. It didn't seem to matter that he'd been gone and without food for 4 days. He said it in passing, like it was a thing that 8 year olds did in the 30s. Dad was a rivet boy on the bridges in Toronto at 6 or 7. Boxing for prize money at 11 or 12, i

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