Saturday, April 30, 2016

Boggis' Chicken House Number One

The chicks got attack out their new home for a few hours today in the warm sun.

The are totally hilarious.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Hans Brinker

"There is another important aspect of Hans Brinker that I would like to mention, an aspect that may appear as dated ..... but that I believe is vital for young readers, and that is the character of Hans himself.  In our cynical age the boy seems almost too good to be true.  But the fact is that the hearts of children yearn for such goodness, yearn for role models.  In this regard Hans Brinker - both story and character - fills a deep emotional need.  As Bruno Bettelhein says in the Uses of Enchantment: "The question for the child is not, "Do I want to be good? but "who do I want ot be like?"  It is here, most of all, that the story of Hans Brinker has so much to offer.  For I cannot help but believe that our world would be a better place indeed were it populated by more people as strong of heart and true of purpose as study Hans Brinker."

Bruce Coville

Piano progress....

Piano is a means to an end in this house.  I've been a bit militant about the whole thing.  The Ontario school board counts RCM grades for high school credits: Grade 7&8 RCM are grade 12 high school credits and theory exams count as well.  Some universities will count RCM Grade 9, 10 and ARCT toward a degree program.  Music has been big part of our school day. 

When we moved from the city, we lost a very good piano teacher.  I worried it would be hard to find someone of the same calibre to teach the kids all the way out here.  

But God has good plans for us.  Amen.

Susanna, a very talented, very patient, young woman from our church agreed to take Gabe and Cole as students for the next year.  She is more than I could have asked for.  She is incredibly particular, but she manages to be persuasive and gentle about the whole thing.  The boys have really improved in the past three months and I am very grateful for her.

Friday, April 15, 2016


We picked up 12 yellow, fluffy, peeping chicks today from a kind friend at Welsh Hill Farm  They are completely adorable.  I fear I will never be allowed to eat them.  The kids have made a pact already.

They have names.  A bit premature as we don't really know if they are hens or cocks yet, but here they are: Denis, Eggbert, Wally, Essy (the second?), Flash, Dash, Steve, Mike and Spike and more to come.

They remind me of the children's book, Alvah and Arvilla: "The hens, being plural by nature...."

First meeting
The ride home - they seemed to like having a hand on them

New home

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Art Class - Cole

Cole has been taking art lessons this month from Mike Yang

He is really improving and he has expanded his repertoire from solely 
dragons and SuperBear comics to other...stuff....Like axes.

Mike's studio is linked here:

From this to that - Mom post

When we starting homeschooling I purposed to use Singapore Math as our spine math curriculum, supplemented by Miquon and then the Keys To Series booklets.  Miquon and Keys were really just "support and expand" exercises.  I chose Singapore because it was rigorous and I felt the algebra introduction was more intuitive than the usual "whatever you do on the left side of the equal sign, you must do on the left side...."  I had hoped I would be able to sit down and walk through the texts with each child and enjoy that moment when math becomes really lovely and self-evident.


I have found it too much to do with three kids and a house to run.


This month, I switched both boys into an appropriate Saxon Math level.  The change has been hard on my ego and easy on my daily schedule.  We will still supplement with Keys To: Factions, Decimals, Algebra and Geometry, and Cole will need to finish the Yellow and Purple Miquon books, at his leisure.

This change represents a shift mostly in me.  Am I really trusting in God to raise up these children?  Am I trusting that God will provide for and go before us on this journey?

No.  I put an infinite amount of stock in academic success.

Education is Salvation. Knowledge is Freedom. I have those T-shirts; they are threadbare. They  have made injurious gods - when math contest marks are low, when spelling tests are poor, when the kids seem "behind".  When I am tired, that hungry god yells down at me, "Give up, Stupid."  When I look to academic success and greater knowledge for comfort and strength, that mute god fails utterly.   The great Elijah must say, as he did long ago to Baal, "Maybe your god is asleep, maybe he is away..." 1Kings 18:27.  But God will not be mocked.  He'll wear out your (my) allegiances to false gods, if you have to go down bleeding with them. (See 1 Kings 18:28-29)

I have brought my weary head and body to Jesus.  I will seek His Sabbath rest.  (Matthew 11:28)

Happy Birthday Evie and Noli

It was movie night with birthday sleep over at our house this past weekend.
I am so glad my sweet nieces were born.  God bless you Evie, Nolie and Miriam.