Legalizing Pot

One week ago our country made recreational pot legal.  

In Ontario,  under half — 45 per cent of those tested — met the provincial standard for math for grade 6, a pivotal year for elementary students.  (Globe and Mail 2018)  So the federal government thought it would be prudent to spend a bunch on money legalizing a substance that I can pretty much promise you, will not raise our math scores.  Totally promise.  

I would implore all of us to educate ourselves, our kids, and our communities about the big-fat-pack-of-crazy-lies the industry is selling about recreational pot.  Drug Free, Inc. put out a documentary on the effects legalizing pot in Colorado had on the community and the youth, in particular.  I attached it below.  It’s worth watching as a family.

Chronic State from DrugFree Idaho, Inc. on Vimeo.