Foster care for kittens

This past week weeks has been really cat-centric.  It became obvious to me that little Moon needed some vet care last Friday.  We contacted a lady from a kitten rescue centre to see what she thought.  We took Moon to her house and within about 3 minutes she was pretty sure Moon was very underweight, had an eye infection, worms and probably fleas.  

And so we left Moon with her.

Esther cried for hours and hours.

The lady has sent pictures from the vet.  She sends us updates and has promised we can come and see Moon as soon as soon she is feeling better and we can talk about her forever home in a few weeks.

I have gone from best-saviour-of-kitttens-mommy to very-mean-won't-let-me-keep-a-kitten-mommy in a span of 14 days.  My sister did not help in this odious painting of my character.  But she has two giants dogs and a hamster...

We found this little life on a heap of straw and knew then that we couldn't keep her, but we couldn't just leave her.  So Esther raised a kitten for a few weeks and we all loved the fluffy thing to pieces.  

Here are some of our favourite memories.  I hope we can look at them without crying soon.