EV Pioneers - Rookie of the Year!

The EV Pioneers did totally amazing and almost took first place at the Waterloo EV challenge.  They were 4 laps ahead of the closest vehicle, when they got a screw in their front tire.  Totally Punctured.  So the pit crew did their best, they replaced the tube in the one tire, but the gear had been damaged and they towed the car ot maintenance bay and they didn't make it back no the track in time to place.

It was pretty heart-breaking.

BUT - the judges gave the team Rookie of the Year!!  Which was cool and it's an impressive award given the calibre of the teams that compete each year, but it wasn't what the guys had hoped for.

It's been a wild ride this EV Team.

More to follow.  Gabe has some things to say about the epic details of their race...