New Year's .... reading

There has been lots of reading going on around here post-Christmas. Today marks the beginning of New-Year's-read-the-Bible-in-one-year-Reading-Plan-Day thanks to our good friends, the Wards, who spur us on!!  

So far the reading check list includes, but is not limited to:
Lang Lang's autobiography.  Gabe.  Obviously.  
And Mike Lupica's Baseball book, Heat.  Gabe.  Obviously.
Two of the three T. Sutherland Menagerie books, which Cole read in a 10-hour-reading-marathon.  
I finished Law and Liberty by Rushdooney and Swansons's taking the world for Jesus.
Essy read about 7 Nate Great (does that count as reading) and a Geronimo Stilton book.
Essy and I are working through Beautiful Girlhood, together.
Several readings of The Twits and Winnie the Pooh.
We listened to all three Gary Paulsen Hatchet series books, which were a resounding, meh.
Jason has an ongoing list of massive books he is purposing to finish, including Milton's paradise lost, which I think is insane.  He is done Chesterton's Father Brown series, but is re-reading it to avoid Milton. 

The fire is just so nice that it seems totally reasonable to sit in front of it for hours and forget that someone needs to make food around here...