Schools out for Summer!!!

We are done.  Or at least we are stopping formal lessons....

After reading a really great book recommended by a good friend, Make It Stick, I have negotiated a summer game plan:

Summer piano and theory goals, Gabe in particular has two RCM exams to prepare for.
A guided reading list including one narrative math text, Life of Fred, for Gabe and Cole.  This list included any remaining school reading (Gabe has to finish one more science module)
Cole and Essy have computer programs goals: Reading Eggs and Rosetta Stone French for Essy and Keyboarding without Tears for Cole.

It went over pretty well..... The chocolate bribe helped.

Today and tomorrow are fully free days.  No lists, no piano, no nothing!!  We all needed a break to celebrate the change of pace.

Whew.  Done.