Braden Clan

Easter at the Hart's

This is the Braden Clan!!  Here is my best attempt at names - please forgive spelling...

As always, thanks to Tiffany Hart.  Tiff has hosted this crowd joyfully and with her ever-present humour for many years and she is the long-suffering and lovely wife of Eric and mom to the Hart kids.  Thanks for taking the pictures, making the food, cleaning up after all our chaos and loving this crazy clan of kids.

God Bless you, Harts.  We are so very blessed to have you in the family.  

Top Row: Cheryl Braden, Patrick Braden, Robert J. (Grandpa) Braden,
Jason Braden, Eric Hart (Braden), Cole R.J. Braden
Middle Row: Nora Hart, Jackson Burchill, Tara Braden
Front row: Brooklyn and Cody Braden with their sweet new baby Elijah held by:
Anne-Marie Trayner, Jade Hart, David Trayner holding Zoe
Adam Hart, Jacob (Patrick and Debbie's Grandson), Gabriel Braden, Esther Braden, Owen Hart.