Aviation Museum Lego Contest 2017

The Aviation Museum had their annual lego contest and I am very proud to say that the kids came in first in all three of their respective age categories.  This was the first year Esther built her creation completely on her own and without any help or guidance from Cole or Gabe.  She came up with the idea for a Blue Angel Fighter Jet and she researched it on google photos and created it without any help.  She presented very confidently and I was so proud of her.  The kids got $50 to spend at the awesome gift shop.

Big thanks Uncle Jordan who was a good uncle and ran around taking picture for me because I am a delinquent mother and didn't bring a camera...  

Jackson won "cutest and most fun three year old." As judged by us...  

Brent, judge extraordinaire, was missed by all.

Essy setting up for the judges... tense moments...

Gabe did a path-tracking EV3 set up.  It was a mock maintenance bay.
He even made his own name tag.  Extra points.

Jackson, easing the anxiety with monkey faces.  Awesome.


Our three big winners.

Essy also won for prettiest Lego engineer.  Judged by dad.