Happy 90th Birthday!!

John Stuart Preece is 90!!

WWII Wounded and Decorated War Veteran, Infantryman RRC
UTP-NMC, University of Toronto, Industrial Enigeering
RCEME Corp, Lt
P. Eng
M. Psych
M. Ed
Brown Belt, Judoka
Husband to An Awesome Lady
Dad to two, almost as awesome, Daughters
Grandpa to six crazy kids

The whole Preece Clan, with some handsome additions...
Mom, Lex, Auntie Barbara and Mimi

Speech by Lex and Kathleen:

"I would like to take a few minutes of your time on behalf of Alexis and myself, to share some of our thoughts on this milestone in Dad's life.

In his late 50's, my dad left a lucrative and diverse career to raise two, willful little girls.  It was a selfless, and many days a thankless, occupation.  It was a position he had absolutely no training for.  He had no role models to lean on and, having grown up with no father or mother of his own to teach him to nurture and love children, it must have seemed like a completely foreign and overwhelming duty.  He went from a life of professional laud and personal freedom, to being tethered to two demanding little girls who were incredibly difficult to reason with. 

In all of our years growing up in Toronto, there was never been a moment that we doubted his commitment to us.  He threatened school bullies for us, taught us to ride the TTC.  He drove across the country to sporting events and forked over countless dollars to help us pursue whatever ridiculous endeavor Alexis or I decided to undertake.  He has driven through all kinds of weather and at all hours to drop us off and pick us up.  He spent an entire life's worth of time enduring recitals, band concerts, piano exams, theatre performances, soccer, rugby, swimming and hockey games, track and field meets, as well as endless parades and thousands of church services on our behalf.

Our dad taught us everything we know about budgeting, frugality and money management and both our husbands have said, on many occasions, that they are grateful to have married prudent wives.  Dad has been generous to Alexis and I, beyond measure, and we are so thankful.

Dad also taught us perseverance.  He was so convinced that we were the smartest and bravest and toughest little girls on the planet, that we believed him.  He gave us confidence and encouragement in everything. 

A few yeas back, Alexis had taken a then very small Miriam on a walk at my folks' cottage to see the fall colours.  The weather took a turn and it started to rain heavily.  Dad drove around for quite a while looking for her, and when he finally found them both, Lex said, “I knew you'd come and get me.”  I retell that story because it a small incident that typifies what he has meant to us.  We have never feared being left out in the rain.   Happy 90th Birthday, Dad.