Lewis' thoughts on War

We don't blindly romanticize military service around here, but I am surely not a pacifist either.  I can not agree with people who say nothing is worth fighting for.  Surely some things are worth fighting for?   Some things must be worth bleeding for, dying for?   Jesus Christ found this broken world worth bleeding for, dying for.
My dad, Grandpa to six, was honoured by his regiment in Toronto this past week for his service to Canada during WWII.  He found it worthy to bleed for us, his posterity.  He was not conscripted.  He volunteered, as an underaged 15 year old boy.  
Dad is still "right of line" worthy.   
- Kathleen

Lewis's thoughts on military duty as WWII loomed and the prospect of a second engagement of the German Forces as an Infantry Officer because a possibility:

"My memories of the last war (WWI) haunted my dreams for years. Military service, to be plain, includes the threat of every temporal evil; pain and death, which is what we fear from sickness; isolation from those we love, which is what we fear from exile; toil under arbitrary masters; which is what we fear from slavery: hunger, thirst, and exposure which is what we fear from poverty. I'm not a pacifist. If it's got to be it's got to be. But the flesh is weak and selfish, and I think death would be much better than to live through another war." 

Letters 320 - C.S. Lewis