Hans Brinker

"There is another important aspect of Hans Brinker that I would like to mention, an aspect that may appear as dated ..... but that I believe is vital for young readers, and that is the character of Hans himself.  In our cynical age the boy seems almost too good to be true.  But the fact is that the hearts of children yearn for such goodness, yearn for role models.  In this regard Hans Brinker - both story and character - fills a deep emotional need.  As Bruno Bettelhein says in the Uses of Enchantment: "The question for the child is not, "Do I want to be good? but "who do I want ot be like?"  It is here, most of all, that the story of Hans Brinker has so much to offer.  For I cannot help but believe that our world would be a better place indeed were it populated by more people as strong of heart and true of purpose as study Hans Brinker."

Bruce Coville