From this to that - Mom post

When we starting homeschooling I purposed to use Singapore Math as our spine math curriculum, supplemented by Miquon and then the Keys To Series booklets.  Miquon and Keys were really just "support and expand" exercises.  I chose Singapore because it was rigorous and I felt the algebra introduction was more intuitive than the usual "whatever you do on the left side of the equal sign, you must do on the left side...."  I had hoped I would be able to sit down and walk through the texts with each child and enjoy that moment when math becomes really lovely and self-evident.


I have found it too much to do with three kids and a house to run.


This month, I switched both boys into an appropriate Saxon Math level.  The change has been hard on my ego and easy on my daily schedule.  We will still supplement with Keys To: Factions, Decimals, Algebra and Geometry, and Cole will need to finish the Yellow and Purple Miquon books, at his leisure.

This change represents a shift mostly in me.  Am I really trusting in God to raise up these children?  Am I trusting that God will provide for and go before us on this journey?

No.  I put an infinite amount of stock in academic success.

Education is Salvation. Knowledge is Freedom. I have those T-shirts; they are threadbare. They  have made injurious gods - when math contest marks are low, when spelling tests are poor, when the kids seem "behind".  When I am tired, that hungry god yells down at me, "Give up, Stupid."  When I look to academic success and greater knowledge for comfort and strength, that mute god fails utterly.   The great Elijah must say, as he did long ago to Baal, "Maybe your god is asleep, maybe he is away..." 1Kings 18:27.  But God will not be mocked.  He'll wear out your (my) allegiances to false gods, if you have to go down bleeding with them. (See 1 Kings 18:28-29)

I have brought my weary head and body to Jesus.  I will seek His Sabbath rest.  (Matthew 11:28)