Reading Week - Mom Post

I don't follow many blogs.  I actually only follow two.  And maybe pioneer woman once and while...

I got the idea for reading week from Annie Kate's site.  We are preparing for (another) move and I need some time to pack and get ready and the kids needed a change of routine.

I've been stock piling books for a few months and saving for just this occasion!!  SO here is reading week: Daily piano practice, French lessons and Band practice are still on for the week, but other than that, they just have to finish their respective bins of awesomeness by Friday.  They need to keep track of what they've read everyday, just so I can see how it's going....

I love it.

I am doing this every year.

Cole has to read the book of Matthew in its entirety, and the first unit of the herpetology text.
The rest of the books need to be finished by Friday.

Gabe has to read the book of Matthew, too.
He has most of Chasing the Wind read already, the rest need to be done by Friday, too.